____________ (______withered) wrote in bonjour_belle,

Application ♥
1.name Lisa
2.age 13
3.location Anaheim
4.3 favorite bands underOATH, The Used, Every Time I Die, The Blood Brothers, Head Automatica
5.what do the words "pucker" up mean to you? kiss kiss.
6.would you go out with this?  HELL NO.
7.what about this?  psh no. that's me silly.
8.favorite movies
9.3 favorite people Craig from Degrassi, Richard Simmons, Ms. Mirise.
10.how do the mods make you feel? warm and fuzzy.
11.favorite song lyrics. "I fucking hate you stay the fuck away from me" - The Distillers. haha oi oi.
12.2 pictures of yourself, so we can see ya..


ya i have like 845093284598 more too.

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